The Science Behind Cwtchy Care


At Cwtchy Care we have selected a variety of unique gifts that can help people during trying times. We love these items ourselves, and our choices draw on the neuroscience about the positive impact such things have on people's minds and wellbeing.


In your box, you will find a luxurious velvet, weighted gravity blanket for snuggles; a light therapy lamp to brighten your mood; a velvet hot water bottle to warm your body and soul; a calming balm to soothe your mind; a handmade soap bar infused with essential oils to help you wash away your troubles; Fairtrade chocolate to treat yourself (and get those chocolatey endorphins flowing) and a box of treats from our friends at Bear Hugs!


There's even a set of grounding questions to quieten your mind and help you get your thoughts in order.


Why did we choose these products?


  • Research shows that the deep pressure touch of a weighted gravity blanket reinforces a sense of calm, whilst providing a wonderful source of relaxation that helps release anxiety and tension. This may stem from the similarities to how it felt for us to be held as a child.


  • Our wonderful happy lamps emphasise the importance of natural light for helping people who are experiencing low mood, especially during seasonal changes and the darkness of our winter months. Our happy lamps are a means of resetting your internal body clock – spend around 30 minutes a day relaxing under this lamp, ideally in the morning to brighten up your day (literally!)


  • Our natural calm balms, infused with essential oils from the lovely Balms By Melissa, are amazing for anxiety and encourage a deep sense of relaxation during stressful times when applied to the temples.

So, with the biggest cwtch from us to you, please enjoy every little bit of your cwtchy cuddle in a box.

You're doing well, I promise.

Phoebe from Cwtchy Care

Please note if you experience conditions such as: Bipolar Disorder, Hypermania or Diabetes, consult your doctor before using any form of light therapy such as our Happy Lamps.