About Us


Hello, I'm Phoebe and the founder of Cwtchy Care!

I lost my mum at the age of nine due to a tragic accident which is what has brought me here today. This exposed me to one of the most heart wrenching losses an individual can feel, which is exactly why at Cwtchy Care we care for everyone - for those who are bereaved, struggling, lonely or simply in need of a cuddle (especially during these trying times). 


As a bereaved child, I felt loneliness too often. There was a lack of support in society and education, and people simply did not know what to do or how to help. Yet, now more than ever, children and adults are experiencing loss and loneliness especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, so if I can make that loneliness a little less painful, all of this will not be for nothing.

Cwtch (Welsh, pronounced “Kutch”)

A 'cwtch' is a Welsh term used to describe more than a cuddle, but a big, warm, safe and secure space.

Cwtchy Care 

Whether or not you're looking to support a bereaved child, someone you know or even yourself, I welcome you with a big warm Cwtch.  Cwtchy Care aims to offer a range of products designed to help anyone experiencing loss and loneliness, and these are all feelings we are experiencing now more than ever.

You might be grieving a loved one or a way of life, or just missing those you used to see much more, and this is why we want to help you to reconnect with your loved ones through a big cuddle in a box. Because although we aren't able to Cwtch the ones we love (for obvious reasons), this box is just as good as a big, warm cuddly cwtch to gift to those who need it most. 

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What got us here today?

When I experienced loss, nothing felt better than being cuddled and held by those I loved most. As I grew older, I understood that I needed to learn to hold the grief myself, but allow myself space to still feel the pain I felt after losing my mum. Most importantly, I needed to continue with my life – a fulfilled life that I deserve.  At my lowest points or on my 'puddly' days as we called it in my family, I focussed on specific items that made me feel less lonely, sad and anxious. I soon realised that many of my friends often enjoyed indulging in my cwtchy things when they were going through rough times too.

I believe that everyone deserves a cwtchy space, to feel cwtched and held when they're struggling, which is exactly what brings us here today. We have carefully selected a variety of unique gifts that can help people during trying times. Apart from being items we love ourselves, our choices draw on the neuroscience about the positive impact such things have on people's minds and wellbeing.

Although the history behind our Cwtchy Kits has been influenced by bereavement inspiring us to create our Cwtchy Kits, we also want to bring you and your loved ones closer during these trying times as a way of cuddling those you love from afar. Our Cwtchy Care Box is perfect for this - a cuddle in a box, fulfilled with essential items to make the ones you love feel that little bit less lonely.